In the bucolic countryside of Brazil, Marcelo, an easygoing cowboy at a cattle farm lives for one passion: rodeos. One tragic incident affects him deeply. Little by little he overcomes the trauma and is ready to dream again.

Querência (Homing) is a film about rural Brazil. A Brazil that is often unknown, ignored and marginalized. It portrays a country that differs greatly from what is usually the focus on movies or the media: the big cities and their problems.



Marcelo di Souza
Kaic Lima
Carlos Dalmir
Marcia Rosa


Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin - Panorama


Verleih in Deutschland: Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.

Worl sales: The Open Reel


Brazil, 2019,
90 minutes, color


Written and directed by Helvécio Marins Jr.

Production Muiraquitã Filmes Canabrava Filmes

Co-production Videofilmes, Autentika Films

Produced by Eliane Ferreira e Pablo Iraola

Co-produced by Walter Salles, Paulo de Carvalho e Gudula Meinzolt

Cinematography Arauco Hernandez Holz

Editing Telmo Churro

Music, sound design, mixing O Grivo

Sound recording Gustavo Fioravante

Executive Producer Eliane Ferreira

Production design and costume Denise Vieira

Production manager Mariana Andrade

Assistant director Paula Santos